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Contact lenses

What do we provide? 

Say good-bye to dry, uncomfortable contact lenses. New and improved contact lens materials and solutions not only offer superior comfort, they also promote healthier eyes. Our optometrists will determine the most appropriate contact lens to suit your prescription, lifestyle and health of your eyes. Our Optometrist will try his level best to ensure that you have best vision and comfort with healthy eyes. We offer contact lens consultations during which we discuss your specific requirements and assess your clinical needs. All types of lenses are available at Cambridge Eyecare. We also offer a free contact lens trial for anyone who wishes to try them out before committing to them. 

Can anyone wear them? 

Almost everyone who needs eyesight correction can now wear contact lenses - whether you're long or short-sighted, or have astigmatism. There are also bifocal and multifocal contact lenses for those who need different lens powers for distance and close work, or only have reading glasses. If you've tried contact lenses in the past you'll find that modern lenses are much more comfortable and convenient. 

What type of lens is best for me? 

Good question. There are hundreds of different types of contact lenses and thousand of different fittings. Each lens needs to be fitted to meet your individual needs. One of our Optometrists will help you choose the best lenses to suit your eyes and eyesight.  

There are various ways of wearing contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses, two-weekly/monthly daily wear, Flexible/extended/continuous wear and gas permeable lenses. 

When can children start wearing lenses? 

Even young children can wear contact lenses and research has shown they can be very successful. Freedom from glasses can boost children's self-confidence, as well as allowing them to participate fully at school, at sports and at play. Now that most contact lenses are replaced often, there's no need to wait until children's eyes have stopped changing to wear contact lenses. Even babies may wear contact lenses but only for medical conditions. 

Are contact lenses easy to use?

Yes. Most people find they're so convenient and easy to use that they forget they're wearing them. Handling your lenses will soon be as natural as brushing your teeth. We will help you get started and give you all the advice and help you need. 

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